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  • April, 2007

    Founder and Owner of frippvacation inc.

    Very Happy Client

    Their products is the most versatile and extensible in the industry. I have been in the IT business for 27 years and do not see how anyone could ask for more. In closing, without this product we would not be in business today.

  • January, 2008

    accounts & marketing manager at lake como homes ltd

    We thoroghly recommend iStateSoft

    We started working with iStateSoft in Apr/May 2007. We were looking to quickly implement an online self catering holiday rental platform. ISateSoft provided an "off the shelf" version but could clearly develop bespoke elements. The basic software was also good value.

  • January, 2011

    owner-manager at child friendly cottages

    Very positive experience of iStateSoft and their property manager software

    Easy to use and just what I needed for my holiday cottage advertising portal. The customer support from iState has been fantastic - they are very responsive and helpful.

  • June, 2009


    MyChildcare.ie and iState

    Good features, great support and a strong codebase. I can highly recommend this product.

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